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 Founded in 1968, JIB SET - "Everyone’s Sailing Club" - welcomes members, 19 and over, who share a passion for sailing. Our initiation fees and monthly dues are reasonable and our club is run by and for our members. Over the long history of Jib Set, many thousands of lower mainland residents have improved their skills and enjoyed the sailing lifestyle in the company of the friendliest people you’ll ever meet... sailors from every walk of life. In the fall of 2007 the Jib Set was reborn and now continues this long tradition.
New sailors who have the basic cruising skills can build their experience by sailing in the company of more seasoned sailors. Throughout the summer the club hosts Friday Night Racing. These weekly racing events introduce sailors to the exciting world of yacht racing in a fun and sociable atmosphere. All club members day sail the exciting new Martin 244 pocket cruiser and for longer cruises can join flotillas of larger boats for adventure cruises in the waters of our world-renowned Strait of Georgia, Sunshine Coast and Gulf Islands. Accumulating experience on the water and taking intermediate and advanced courses through our sister company - Cooper Boating, Canada’s largest chartering organization - are your stepping stones to bare boat chartering in Canada and abroad.
Jib Setters today are continuing the work of our founders whose vision was to make sailing keel boats accessible to everyone without the commitment and expense of boat ownership. The club is a community that encompasses the values of our predecessors ... mentoring, seamanship and most importantly FUN. These values are encapsulated in our mission statement:

"... to maximize our members’ enjoyment of the sailing lifestyle in an inclusive and safe environment and to promote excellent seamanship through mentoring and experience on the water."

To provide our members with up-to-date information and facilitate member-to-member communications, this website has a secure ‘Member Zone’ with password access for boat booking and to keep you up-to-date with information on club activities and general sailing topics. The club's handbook is accessible on this site and information bulletins are periodically emailed to inform you of important events.
Being member-driven means that the club relies on member input to guide and run its programs. It also requires member involvement in organizing club events and maintaining our fleet of boats in tip-top condition.
On this website you will find information on the history of our club, our boats, membership fees and also a confidential membership application. You can reach us at any time via email and by phone during the day 7 days a week. Please contact us with any questions on the club or sailing in general. And whether you are new to sailing or a seasoned salt...

Welcome to the JIB SET!