New To Sailing

Are you new to sailing and wondering how to get started? Our way of introducing new sailors to the sailing lifestyle is a tried and true path that has initiated literally tens of thousands of lower mainland residents into the sailing lifestyle.

Sailing has many facets to interest people of every age, gender and personality. For example, if you are a competitive person you might want to race; perhaps cruising our beautiful BC waters amid amazing scenery and wildlife is what interests you; or is simply a day’s sailing in English Bay with friends and family all you need to unwind from the week’s stresses? You may have dreams of going offshore into the Pacific and even sailing around the globe.  Whatever your vision, It’s all possible and it all starts with the simple step of signing up for a course .

Every year, hundreds of students graduate from sailing courses and continue pursuing their sailing dreams on their own boats or plan to start shopping for one. But what if you do not have your own boat and buying one isn’t practical or affordable?  That’s where the Jib Set Sailing Club comes in: Our club provides you with all the benefits of boat ownership without actually having to buy a boat. And our boats aren’t just ordinary boats; they are brand new Martin 244 pocket cruisers – arguably the best in their class on the planet!



On top of that we sail out of scenic Granville Island, which is  only a few minutes from open water and we have our own club house where we barbeque and socialize after sailing. As a member of our club you’ll run into some of the nicest people you’ll ever meet. Sailing is like that – it seems to attract really friendly folks. Or perhaps it is sailing itself that gets the best out of people. Either way, it’s an environment that once experienced; you’ll never want to give up.

If you are wondering if you have to complete the Basic Cruising course before you can join the Jib Set, the answer is no, but you do have to be scheduled to take the course. Our club boat is the same M244 type that you’ll be taking instruction on so you can crew with other club members between lessons to practice your skills. Mentoring is an important part of our club and you’ll find many experienced skippers who will help you gain experience and build confidence.

So you see - it is very straightforward: All you have to do to launch your sailing career is phone or email us and we’ll be very happy to set you on course for a lifetime of sailing enjoyment.