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Subject: Sunday Sailing
(Posted on Nov 10, 2014 at 08:18AM by Antoine)
JIB SET Sunday Sailing for winter 2014-2015 is an excellent opportunity to join other sailing enthusiasts for adventures on the water. We will meet at the JIB SET clubhouse at 12:30 and then head out to a fun afternoon in English Bay. Non-Jib Set members are welcome; no sailing experience is required for this event; see notes below...
1) For non-JIB SET members only, a $50.00 one-time single event fee applies.
2) Drop-in fees are 100% refundable within the calendar year toward full JIB SET membership.
4) Free parking on Granville Island is limited to 3 hours so we recommend you park off-Island or in one of the pay parking lots.
3) Dress for the cool weather; we go rain or shine and we can supply rain gear. Bring non-marking, safe footwear with good traction - no open toes or slip-ons; raquetball/squash court shoes work well.
Looking forward to seeing you there!