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Subject: POCKET FLOTILLA magic
(Posted on Jun 19, 2012 at 05:03PM )
CAMPING - perhaps you work to hard to pretend you are homeless? 

DO NOT SLEEP IN THE DIRT AND GET EATEN BY BEARS ~ check out the optical illusion that is the MARTIN 244 sailboat ~ from outside, they look like little boats ~ when you climb inside you realize there is actually quite a bit of space in our fibreglass machines

if you are over 7' tall (well, if you're that tall, perhaps the NBA contract allows a bigger boat) don't consider this ~ but for those of more average stature, the 244 affords a reasonable berth size and the custom stove units, mediocre cushions (better than foamies, but not by much) and porta-potties cause a transformation from FRIDAY NIGHT RACING machine to POCKET CRUISER

but the magic of the pocket flotilla is the great people that you really can't get that far away from because the boat's only 24'10" long ~ discover the magic of great people in small spaces - and it's only two days - so suck it up buttercup - you're a SAILOR and you're not made of SUGAR!

POCKET FLOTILLA = camaradarie, seamanship and a bit of BOAT CAMPING- a spectacular alternative to traditional camping - with fewer BEARS for sure!