Frequently asked questions


Q  I don’t know how to sail yet – can I become a member?
A  ABSOLUTELY!  the best way to ensure you develop skills as a sailor is to practice and have the ability to sail with other members and practice at the same time as you complete formal lessons ~ you'll start your sailing as a CREW member

Q  must I spend time helping with club functions?

A  NO ~ those who are unable to spend time volunteering effectively pay slightly more than those who do ~ this happens via the maintenance fee that would be charged for time you are unable to commit to club functions 

many members find that items like the monthly maintenance day are a lot of fun and they learn lots as well

Q  how do I book time on boats?

A  all reservations functions are handled on our web based platform ~ in the event of disruption of that system, e-mail is preferred as it orders requests automatically

Q can I operate the vessels alone?

A at the moment, our insurance prevents anyone operating the vessels single handed without special approval ~ this starts with submitting your sailing resume for review

Q may I bring family and friends?

A  every full JIB SET member is given 4 guest crew passes each year and can purchase more for the current fee of $10 each ~ a guest crew member may sail on club vessels up to 4 times per year before they must become a member or find another club to be a guest of  :-)

Q  what about kids?

A  those under 18 years old may sail aboard club boats without use of a guest crew pass providing there are at least two members aboard ~ at least one of whom is the parent or legal guardian who takes responsibility for the safety of these young crew members

Q   do I have to sail with other members?

A   a JIB SET priority is to ensure members have priority over non-members and that no member shall ever be left on the dock if there is space in a boat ~ many members look forward to connecting with fellow members while sailing

at peak periods, members SHOULD expect to sail with other members rather than their own guest crew members ~  MEMBERS are therefore encouraged to welcome other keen sailors to the club as MEMBERS rather than GUESTS (keen sailors should climb the food chain!)

Q   what’s the deal with FRIDAY NIGHT RACING? (FNR)

A   FNR and other drop in functions are key opportunities members to connect and, consistent with the MEMBERS FIRST policy above, MEMBERS have priority over NON-MEMBERS

a RECREATIONAL MEMBER (purchased RM prior to JULY 31, 2012) or SOCIAL MEMBER (registered via may attend twice for $50 per session but  must upgrade to a full or associate membership before sailing a third time with the club

Q how many vessels are in the program?

A the fleet size is adjusted according to membership levels – at GRANVILLE ISLAND, we currently have five JIB SET MARTIN 244's and can access the two COOPER boating school MARTIN 244's when the school doesn't need them ~ we also share one MARTIN 244 at PORT SIDNEY marina with the COOPER school ~ boat availability has not been an issue


Q  I was a “LIFETIME member” with the original JIB SET – does that give me any benefits with the new JIB SET?

A  although the people that closed the original JIB SET (closed 1989) have nothing to do with this offer, we will waive the initiation fee for a member who can convince us they held a lifetime membership with the original JIB SET 

Q I am a COOPER DAYSAILING CLUB (CDC) member ~ does that automatically make me a JIB SET member?

A  NO ~  while there is no initiation fee for a DAYSAILING CLUB member to move to the JIB SET, the member must agree to the JIB SET policies and pricing ~ the major difference is the priority a member has over another member’s guest with JIB SET ~ with the CDC, members would be turned away while another member could load a boat with their own guests

CDC members who do not wish to book with other members are better suited to the
COOPER CRUISING CLUB CHARTER MEMBERSHIP, is the  only membership for people assembling their own CHARTER groups

Q  I am a COOPER CRUISING CLUB MEMBER – does that automatically make me a JIB SET MEMBER?

A   NO ~ the JIB SET MARTIN 244’s are not owned by COOPER boating ~ members of the old club who are not JIB SET members are restricted to the school vessels ~ instructors have access to those boats as well ~ but, consistent with the old club arrangements (prior to 244 fleet upgrade), scheduled lessons have priority over members