MEMBERSHIP INFO - Changed to Planning / Club Contribution

The founding principal of the new JIB SET has not changed: to provide new and experienced sailors alike the opportunity to build experience and enjoy the sailing lifestyle. Membership in our community has many benefits as well as some responsibilities that are described in the club handbook and summarized here...

Day Sailing

Our Day Sailing program is an excellent opportunity for qualified Jib Set Members to sail without the expense or hassles of boat ownership or finding boat moorage. Club members have access to our fleet of club boats on a first-come-first serve basis throughout the week and on weekends. Members share the use of the program boats with other participants. Book a club boat today.

Friday Night Racing

Friday Night Racing is expertly run by a dedicated group of volunteers. It is both a great way to spend your Friday evening and a fantastic way to develop your skills. While it does have a competitive element, this is very low key racing. At the end of each night, the results just don’t matter as much as the fun we have getting these boats around the course and all generally headed in the same direction!

Social Events

Year round monthly events will be held to get together with fellow sailors and share stories and plan for the future. This will include barbeques, off season presentations and other things we dream up as things move along. Visit Upcoming Events for more information.


The waters in and around the Strait of Georgia, the Gulf Islands and Sunshine Coast are among the most scenic cruising grounds on the planet. During the season, cruises on larger yachts will be organized for JIB SETTERS. Flotillas or groups of boats typically cruise to these beautiful destinations in our area where there is often a special event such a local festival. Visit Upcoming Events for more information.


One of the key principals of Jib Set is mentoring. Experienced sailors will be available to mentor members to improve their seamanship and skippering skills.

Education and Training

The JIB SET partners with Cooper Boating to provide training services at all levels. As Cooper spreads to additional locations, the JIB SET’s intention is to continue to work with the synergy of Cooper Boating, Canada’s premier recreational boating school. Visit Upcoming Events for more information.


Bareboat and skippered charters in our local area and beyond will be arranged on a cost-sharing basis thanks to networking opportunities within the club. For information about chartering with other members contact the JIB SET office by phone 604 789 6576 or email