About Us
Welcome to JIB SET ~ everyone’s sailing club!

RED foresails on VANCOUVER'S ENGLISH BAY are the trademark of a sailing community that is inclusive and looks forward to helping you get on the water.

A red foresail sweeping across the bay signals someone is sailing with CANADA's top sailing organization ~  the JIB SET.

Founded in 1968 from the brilliant vision of Les Alfreds, it was a true sailing community that fostered MENTORING, SEAMANSHIP and most of all ~ FUN. Over the years, thousands of budding sailors discovered a world of almost unlimited travel driven by the power of the wind.

As Commodore of this "community of sailors" club, I welcome all who wish to enjoy the thrill of being out on the water. That's what this club is about.

Our objective today, as it was back in 1968, is for our members to fully experience the sport, art, science and above all, the sheer FUN of sailing. Myself, and a community of like-minded sailors want nothing more than to get "everyone" out doing just that. 

You'll often see me pointing and exclaiming "Look there's Bowen Island, hmmmm, what kind of adventure are we in for today..."

I look forward to sailing with you.
Chris Maki

JIB SET is run by its members
If you want to learn to sail, or you’re an experienced sailor who doesn't want the expense of maintaining your own boat, or you're looking for an exciting way to get on the water – JIB SET is for you.   
Our members enjoy:
Learn to Sail
  • Affordable lessons with accredited instructors
  • Crew mentor programs in boat handling to become a skipper
Recreational Sailing
  • Unlimited sailing without the expense of owning your own boat
  • Day trips to Bowen Island
  • Week-end flotillas in the summer
  • Weekly Friday Night races
  • Beginners are encouraged to sign up as crew. It’s a great way to improve your skills by sailing with the top skippers in the club.
  • Black Eye Cup Annual Race
Social Activities
  • Parties held frequently in our club house called “the crow’s nest”
  • Frequent casual Barbecues after Friday night races
  • Season kick off parties through to holiday wind up in December
  • Free programs in core competencies such as boat control, safety on the water and navigation, add engine and rig maintenance, ropes and knots, passage planning for cruising, cooking at sea, radio communications and electronics – and on and on
  • Boating flotillas

2018 Membership Fees

Full membership
Ideal for experienced sailor
One time initiation fee:                              $499
12 month commitment minimum               $169 per month

Associate full membership

Associate with Full Member                       $75 per month
Associate Member initiation fees               $249

Discovery Membership
Ideal to discover sailing and get experience
3 month commitment minimum                  $39 per month
A 5 punch card                                           $249
A 10 punch card                                         $429 

Exists in bundles 
A 5 punch card + 3 months membership:   $349
A10 punch card + 3 months membership:  $499

JIB SET is run by its members, so you can pitch in and help with things like…

Membership Drives            Cookouts
                   Race Administration            Marketing
Club Administration            Boat Maintenance

New members are automatically assigned Crew status.  Skipper status will be assigned by the Executive Committee based on the member’s sailing résumé, or sailing experienced gained. Associate members are regular crew members of a full member and their sailing is limited to sailing with that member.  

A member and their associate have the benefit of ensuring sailing can occur any day they are both available - single handing is currently limited to those members with ADVANCED or INSTRUCTOR levels.
M244 DAYSAILING BOATS - no charge

Members have year-round access to the Martin 244 sailboats, 7 days per week. Four crew positions per sailing may be filled by any member or guest of a member. (See Club Handbook.)

Members receive 4 free Guest Passes per year and this fee applies to passes beyond that. In addition, any member logging more than 20 hours service to the club per year can trade each additional hour for a guest pass.

Cooper level 1 & 2 courses and clinics  -  save 15%
Other “member exclusive” events          -  no charge